Jane's Short Subjects

    Health & Medicine
  1. Virtual Hospital "...a digital health sciences library ... for health care providers and patients." U. of Iowa. Online since 1992.
  2. Health A to Z Search facility for non-professionals to access the entire medical field.
  3. MedicineNet Online periodical by an association of health professionals.
  4. Medscape Online articles plus search engine. Other services available to members. Membership is free.
  5. RxList Search engine for a database of drugs.
  6. Dr. Koop (C. Everett Koop) Mainstream.
  7. Dr. Weil Alternative.
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    Law & Politics
  8. Legal Information Center of the Cornell Law School. More than you wanted to know.
  9. Databases of precedent and statutes; courtesy of Russo & Hale, Palo Alto.
  10. THOMAS U.S. Congress on the Internet. Legislative database.
  11. Nolo Home Page Self-help law books from Berkeley. About to be banned in Texas?
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