Short Subjects @ Small Systems

    Architecture & Construction
  1. AEC InfoCenter: ArchitectureBusiness Center A portal for architecture/engineering/construction. List of products and services.
  2. archINFORM International Architectural Database. Archive of architectural images. German. Large site. Hit the circling arrow (bottom tab) first.
  3. Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals. At the Getty Information Institute.
  4. Blue-Line/On-Line, Inc. - ProjectNet An online collaboration tool/site for architects.
  5. Bouillon Architectural design and engineering and networks and a 3D scanner and furniture and even a bottle opener .... (If there's something these guys don't do, I don't know what it is.) in Seattle.
  6. Built Environment research at Carnegie Mellon.
  7. California Materials Exchange Free and cheap remnants, salvage, etc. Reuse, recycle. Great online supply house for teachers and artists.
  8. Code Check - Building Codes Checklist A field guide to common building code errors.
  9. Construction IT Listed by country. Research Institutes in building technology and other engineering sciences.
  10. Construction Specifications Institute, creating industry standards for owners, designers, constructors and suppliers.
  11. Cyberplaces A portal for architects, by AFSP: "Architects' First Source for Products - Comprehensive Building Product Information Online" AFSP is like a Sweet's or Thomas Register for architects.
  12. Cyburbia "The Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center"
  13. Electrical Shock
  14. Feng Shui Institute of America Ancient Chinese art/science of orientation and relationship of built spaces - living, work, garden.
  15. NIST: Building and Fire Research Laboratory National Institute of Standards and Technology
  16. NEIC Energy Education Guide See within: Bullfrog Films - supplier of some of the most interesting educational videos and films.
    Design Methods Research
  17. CAD Centre, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland.
  18. CDR Center for Design Research at Stanford University. Design Division of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering.
  19. CGDM Related Sites in Green Design and Manufacturing. Web sites list for green design.
  20. Decision Based Design Three year open workshop on design methods at SUNY Buffalo. Free admission. "...for the development of academic scholarship in design." (NSF grant)
  21. Design Methods The classic book by John Chris Jones. My review at Amazon.
  22. Design Research Listserv Basic information page for users of this listserv.
  23. DesignSpace Center for Design Research at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. " provide better access to models created for any design with spatial parameters." Virtual reality for designers. Made of gloves, free rotating binocular monitors etc.
  24. Engineering Case Studies by RHIT, Carleton U, ASEE. Engineering Case Studies, readable by laymen and students. Catalog only. Text available by fax or mail at nominal cost.
  25. Environmental Institute at Carnegie Mellon University Green design at CMU.
  26. Finnish University "Taideteollinen korkeakoulu" - Finnish University site on Design Methods. English language side to be completed by 2/5/99.
  27. GMD, FIT. FABEL Project Integration of cases, rules and models into a comprehensive design method. Dutch.
  28. "GOM" Design Methods Group at the Technical University of Eindhoven, Netherlands. Extensive site.
  29. Graphical Argumentation & Design Cognition : References. Knowledge Media Institute, Open University, UK. Bibliography. Not many links.
  30. Key Design Centre University of Sydney, Australia. - Design methods research index.
  31. MIT Mechanical Engineering Research Topics and Projects at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  32. RACE Research into Artifacts, Center for Engineering, U of Tokyo "...hopes to reverse the tragedy of modern technology.....Through the lens of the [socio-economic] problems themselves, a new way of doing engineering will emerge."
  33. RMIT National Centre for Environmental Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
  34. Univ of Strathclyde, Glasgow Relevant Publication Sources - AI, KBS, CAD, design methods. AI and knowledge base systems for design.
  35. Wide Area Collaboration Essay by John Caron, Univ Colorado. A lenghty primer on online collaboration tools.. Good biblio with many links.
  36. WPI AIDG: AI in Design Webliography Artificial Intelligence in Design. An extensive list of web sites. Worcester Polytechnic Institute (by David Brown)
    PC Hardware, OS/2 and Linux.
  37. Tom's Hardware Page Timely reviews of new chips and cards.
  38. Hardware Central Another collection of opinion and links.
  39. Mercury Research Source of hardware test comparative data.
  40. A PC hardware supersite. Product specs. Links to vendors. Sort by price, or...
  41. PC hardware and software for OS/2, and also Linux. Support and documentation. Links to updates.
  42. BMT Micro A vendor shareware, OS/2 and Linux stuff.
  43. Duane's OS/2 site Get yr OS/2 Fixpaks here. Makes it easy.
  44. Xfree86 X-windows for various Unixes (Unices?), Linux, and OS/2.
  45. Win32-OS/2 An OS/2 group that's making a converter for Win32 Apps.
  46. IBM's OS/2 page The source.
  47. OS/2 e-Zine Online reviews and news of OS/2 product developments.
  48. EDM/2 A 'zine for OS/2 programmers.
  49. OS/2 Super Site A central reference site for OS/2 users.
  50. OS/2 Must-Have Utilities
  51. Hobbes archives at New Mexico State University.
  52. OS/2 at Mining Co. by Walter Metcalf. A gateway to OS/2 resources.
  53. OS/2 Warp on the Net List of links with help.
  54. OS/2 Central resources including an ISP list.
  55. OS/2 Connect
  56. Made with OS/2 Advertise your use of OS/2.
  57. OS/2 and Linux in Focus
    Thanks to David Becker in the 3/22/1999 Tech Week for many of the OS/2 sites.
    Science on the edge
  58. Global Warming Seattle's own Patrick Mazza & Co. paint the climate change picture, and urge us to shift to non-fossil energy.
  59. Edge and John Brockman's "Reality Club"
  60. Fulton's Fringe Science Quiz 70 scientific thinkers and their "fringe" ideas, scrambled - can you match them up? (Hint: use your search engines.)
  61. FOLDOC Dictionary of Computer terms and people.
  62. Scientific Method explained.
  63. JPL's Solar System Simulator Very cool! See any planet or satellite from any other, at any magnification. ...or control it by field of view. Very fast results. Image size of 600x400. I discovered this through Martindale's Calculator page, above.
  64. Nineplanets Our solar system. Educational. Comprehensive.
  65. Internet Astronomy Lab Links to astronomical sites of interest.
  66. Meteorite Central Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State U. If you think you have found one, photograph it in situ and send it to them for testing.
  67. Florida Today: Space Online What's happening at Cape Canaveral.
  68. Next Launch Information on the next scheduled departure from the planet.
  69. JSC Home Page Johnson Space Center. a.k.a. "Houston". Mission control.
  70. NASA The Space Agency.
  71. Mars Welcome to Mars Missions!
  72. SETI Institute Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence Institute.
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