Rhodes Hileman

Professional Summary:

Responsible for a coherent range of operations, manufacturing, and engineering services, working directly on design, technical documentation, hands-on production, and enterprise-wide engineering database development tasks, as well as leadership for technology development teams. Recognized by co-workers as broadly skilled, thorough, hard-working, organized, and collaborative. This work is represented by these resumes:

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Complementing these technical capabilities, are a suite of team building skills sharpened by exercise in corporations, non-profits, and small enterprises. Interested in organizational development with a particular focus on design-group methodologies. Trained in Future Search and Open Space techniques. Designed and led goals-reassessment workshops for non-profits.

Other work includes environmental action groups, environmental education centers, and watershed inventory and habitat restoration. Environmental action and leadership experience is represented by an environmental work online resume with links to other related resumes.

A generalist with a breadth of skill balanced across technical and humanistic pursuits. The broadest view of this design and industrial experience is shown in the industrial design & production resume.

All contact information is here.

email: info@smsys.com . web: www.smsys.com .
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