Rhodes Hileman

voice: 206 760 8619 . email: rhodes@smsys.com . web: www.smsys.com

Responsible for a coherent range of operations, manufacturing, and engineering services, working directly on design, technical documentation, hands-on production, and enterprise-wide engineering database development tasks, as well as team leadership. Recognized by my co-workers as broadly skilled, thorough, hard-working, organized, and collaborative.
Usual roles include:

Professional Experience

SMALL SYSTEMS Co. - Berkeley - 1997-present

Providing engineering, documentation, and management services to an international list of clients.

ULTRACAD DESIGN Inc. - Bellevue - 1998
PCB Designer

UltraCAD Design is a PCB design house offering fast turn, high density designs with attention to high performance signal integrity. Designed PCBs and documented their post-production process.

GIGAOPERATIONS Corp. - Berkeley - 1991-1997
Director of Operations, Director of Manufacturing

This team produced advanced high speed parallel processing hardware and software using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) as reconfigurable computing engines. Recognized as the pioneering development platform for reconfigurable computing.

ARRAY TECHNOLOGIES Inc. - Oakland - 1986-91
Dir. of Operations, Dir. of Engineering, Mfg. Engineer.

This team developed a high fidelity color image scanner for both IBM and Mac platforms. The camera uses piezoelectric transducers to microposition an inexpensive 2D color image sensor. Built this company's infrastructure from scratch, helped develop the design team, and produced some of the designs.

GENIGRAPHICS GP Inc. - Berkeley - 1984-1986
Engineering Operations Manager, Project Manager

Using no exotic components, this group created an advanced (for the time) hierarchical object-based graphic arts system featuring 3 pipelined 68020 CPU cards, a family of 26 PCBs, and "paint" software providing resolution independent output to all media.

SMALL SYSTEMS Co. - San Francisco - 1983
Project Manager, Buyer, Technician, Founder

With two partners, produced a multi-tasking Z80-based computer which provided A/D conversion, data storage, and device control for a novel gas chromatograph, used for cardio-pulmonary diagnosis and anaesthesia monitoring.

Technical Summary:

CAD tools for electronic, PCB, mechanical, and architectural design. Enterprise database design, MRP systems design, and components purchasing. 'Timeline' project management software. Computer systems integration, network installation, and systems administration. WinNT4, OS/2, Unix, DOS. Internet site design. Languages: Assembly, Bash, Perl, Java, Cisco. Electronic fabrication, assembly, and testing. Experience in heavy industry. See list for software knowledge. See Industrial Design & Production resume for broadest view.

Antioch College , Yellow Springs, Ohio. B.A., Bioregional Design.
Social sciences, education, ecosystems, architecture, design.
North Seattle Community College, Seattle, Washington.
Unix, Bash, Perl, Java, Cisco.
Published Material:

Choosing a Display Card for OS/2 and Linux, Extended Attributes, the magazine of the OS/2 community, February 1999, Phoenix, AZ.
Forests are a Community, Forest Trust Quarterly Report, October 1999, Santa Fe, NM.

Prior to 1983:
Prior experience in heavy industry, graphic arts, environmental education, and watershed restoration.
Startup technology development team.
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