Software knowledge

for Rhodes Hileman at Small Systems Company.

I am currently teaching "Unix for System Administrators" at North Seattle Community College. I am proficient with shell scripting.

Past experience was mostly writing device drivers. Wrote a driver for an eight port SIO card. Solid knowledge of RS232C protocols. Growing familiarity with TCP/IP environment. Have done extensive scripting for databases, speadsheets, and communication utilities.

I have managed software development in small teams working on proprietary hardware (which we also designed).

I write structured code, and I comment and document it. I also write technical manuals for both programmers and users.

I assemble and configure all my own systems. For an example of the research I do for systems integration see a report on the state of graphics chips compatible with NT4, OS/2, and Linux (where all three are required). This report was published in "extended attributes" the journal of the OS/2 community, Feb 1999.

I served for two years as coordinator for the sysops committee of the Seattle Community Network.

Influential books:

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