Bioregional Design Group

Bioregional design is innovation and planning that is informed by awareness of the integrity of culture, ecosystem, and place.

A bioregion is an geographic area, usually corresponding to a watershed or set of watersheds, which has a characterizable plant and animal community, geology, climate, and, ideally, human cultural forms, - a place we recognize as home for those who live there. Peter Berg, of Planet Drum, once off-handedly, and poetically, defined it as "A bioregion is a room in a house, with no walls."

The range of bioregional design easily includes regional planning, economic planning, community watershed planning and restoration, neighborhood organizational development, landscape architecture, forestry, agriculture, aquaculture, "Permaculture", solar architecture, industrial design for reuseability and recycleability, and the study of natural sciences.

Bioregional Design Group is comprised of a number of associates who work on challenges of this nature. Collectively, we have many years of experience in these areas, and some of us have pioneered concepts and approaches which are now more widely accepted.


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