Rhodes Hileman

voice: 206 760 8619 . email: Rhodes@SmSys.Com . web: www.SmSys.Com


Corporate management experience, collaborative leadership style, and deep commitment and background in ecosystem diversity issues and action. Provided team leadership as director of operations at three computer design enterprises, as manager at two environmental non-profits, as foreman in heavy industry, and as founder of two small enterprises.

Created the operations infrastructure from scratch: provided the physical plant, the furniture, the office and computer equipment, recruited the team, trained some of them, secured credit with vendors, developed the internal procedures, and created and maintained the schedule of development, and paid the bills. Recognized by my co-workers as broadly skilled, thorough, hard-working, organized, and collaborative.

Group process facilitation skills which have found use in all organizations. Designed and led two successful week-long workshops for goals reassessment at environmental centers. Trained in Future Search, and Open Space Technology.


Supervised stream surveyors for a salmon habitat restoration group. Co-founded this local organization, and co-wrote its first grant proposal. This group developed stream survey techniques with them, based on training received from a local riparian biologist. Built salmon hatchboxes with a partner.

Managed, taught, and served on the board, at an urban art, garden, and environmental education center. I guided this group through the replacement of its director. Designed and built a greenhouse, and renovated 8000 feet of studio space for artist tenants.

Managed, in the remote wilderness, an environmental research and education center. Co-developed a land-holding association for this group. Created a computer system for them.

Video producer/director/cameraman/editor for an hour-length documentary on the Gasquet-Orleans Road controversy. Included interviews of Native Americans in the affected area, loggers, tree-planters, environmentalists, lumber company executives, businessmen, and other citizens of Eureka. Created this production facility. Documentary was cablecast in San Francisco, broadcast in Eureka, CA, and distributed to colleges.

Secretary/facilitator for a bioregional group while they successfully fought the Peripheral Canal in California.

Taught outdoors at two conservation schools for children ages 10-13.

Co-founded a GIS service agency for rural coastal valleys.

Companies and Organizations:

Antioch Outdoor Education Center, Array Technologies, Bay Area Open Space Network, Bethlehem Shipyard, Cooskie Ridge Environmental Center, Crossroads Community - "The Farm", Frisco Bay Mussel Group, Genigraphics GP Systems, GigaOperations Corporation, Mattole Watershed Salmon Support Group, North Coast Biodiversity, Northern Pacific Railroad, Otter Lake Conservation School, Pollution Recovery Systems, Small Systems Company, UltraCAD Design, Video Circle.

Personal Interests:

Design methods for groups. Architecture. Community planning facilitation. Organizational development. Open book management. Geographic information systems and data collection for watershed restoration and watershed community planning. Future Search. Open Space Technology.

Antioch College , Yellow Springs, Ohio. B.A., Bioregional Design.
Social sciences, education, ecosystems, architecture, design.
North Seattle Community College, Seattle, Washington.
Unix, Bash, Perl, Java, Cisco.
Published Material:

Choosing a Display Card for OS/2 and Linux, Extended Attributes, the magazine of the OS/2 community, February 1999, Phoenix, AZ.
Forests are a Community Forest Trust Quarterly Report, October 1999, Santa Fe, NM.

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