Rhodes Hileman, dba Small Systems Company, Seattle

This is not a resume. This is a list of experiences which have contributed to leadership capabilites and understanding. These teamwork skills are sharpened by exercise in corporations, non-profits, community activities, and small enterprises. Interested in organizational development with a particular focus on design group methodologies.


Antioch College, Yellow Springs, Ohio. B.A., Bioregional Design.
Social sciences, education, ecosystems, architecture, design.
North Seattle Community College, Seattle, Washington
Unix, Bash, Perl, Java, Cisco.

... and other contributors:
Northwest Cluster participant, a salon of OD professionals (from Ron Lippett, Ben Sherman, et al.) 1999
ODnet participant - Organizational Development Network. 1998-1999
Future Search intern, SearchNet (Spector & Benson) 1997
Future Search training, Marconi 1998 (Weisbord & Janoff) 1998
Bay Area Open Space Network co-founder, (with Jane Deer). 1996
Co-Intelligence focus group co-facilitator, (with Tom Atlee et al.) 1995
Self-Esteem Seminars participant, (Jack Canfield) 1983
Insight Seminars, participant (Russ Bishop & John Roger) 1978-1980
Planet Drum, volunteer, kibitzer, (Peter Berg) 1973-1979
MSIA seminars, participant, (John Roger) 1972-1982

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