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    Search engines, with help
  1. Google! A search engine from Stanford. Multi-strategy searches with weight sequenced results.
  2. Mamma "The Mother of All Search Engines." A metasearch engine like Metacrawler, but newer.
  3. Metacrawler at GO2NET. One of the oldest metasearch engines.
  4. AltaVista One of the first really big fast search engines.
  5. HotBot from Wired magazine, now part of Lycos.
  6. Ed's Search Tools Multiple search engine page. Just under 50 infotools from Ed Anderson.
  7. Jef's Search Tools Multiple search engine page. Over 100 infotools from Jef Posquanzer.
  8. The Mining Co. Professional expert guidance from hundreds of Guides for thousands of topics. Now part of
  9. Search Engine Watch The two dozen major search engines - listed, linked, profiled.
  10. UC Berkeley Library Web-Search Strategies A guide for the perplexed.
  11. When all else fails ... Ask Jeeves of course. Natural language queries .... with advertising while you wait.
    News and comment, US
  12. The Newsroom Multiple news site page. Rich resources. Real journalism.
  13. Nando Times A newspaper that's only on the web. Pioneer in online publishing.
  14. The New York Times A newspaper from the other side of the country.
  15. The New York Times Archive Services The NYT 365-day archive. + the EB.
  16. Reuters World News through Yahoo.
  17. Arts and Letters Daily Readers' news - "An updated report of news and reviews".
  18. Time the magazine.
  19. CNN news TV
  20. ABC News TV
  21. CBS News TV
  22. NBC News TV
    News and comment, West Coast
  23. The Seattle Times Seattle news
  24. Seattle Post-Intelligencer Seattle news
  25. Puget Sound Business Journal Seattle news
  26. DJC Online Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce
  27. TIDEPOOL "News for the Rain Forest Coast" (Pacific Northwest)
  28. High Country News "..for people who care about the West"
  29. San Francisco Chronicle/Examiner
  30. San Jose Mercury
  31. Los Angeles Times
  32. Seattle Weekly Calendar, reviews, news and opinion - free street paper.
  33. East Bay Express Calendar, reviews, news and opinion - free street paper - Berkeley/Oakland
  34. San Francisco Bay Guardian Calendar, reviews, news and opinion - free street paper.
    Information Technology and business news
  35. Red Herring magazine. "The Business of Technology"
  36. @BRINT Business, Technology & Knowledge Management.
  37. California Technology Stock Letter from Michael Murphy.
  38. CNNFN CNN financial Network.
  39. CNET NEWS.COM "tech news first" - Technology news.
  40. CMP TechWeb News of Digital Technology from the publishers of Network Computing.
  41. WSJ Wall Street Journal
  42. Fortune Magazine "Capitalist Tool"
  43. San Jose Mercury's tech news page.
  44. The Register "Biting the hand that feeds IT" - News and opinion from the UK.
  45. Wired magazine. User's view of IT.
  46. Technology Investor Magazine
  47. Edupage IT news for educators. Click: "Visit without joining"; "Read messages". Each message is an issue. Click one. Get weekly email delivery by joining.
  48. IT jargon - An encyclopedia of information technology.
  49. FOLDOC - A dictionary of computer terms and math luminaries.
  50. The Computer Museum - The history of information technology from WWII to present.
    Stock Exchanges and Online Trading Sites
  51. Nasdaq Exchange.
  52. NYSE New York Stock Exchange.
  53. Ameritrade Stock reports and trading.
  54. Datek Stock reports and trading.
  55. Discover Stock reports and trading.
  56. DLJdirect Stock reports and trading.
  57. E*trade Stock reports and trading.
  58. Fidelity Stock reports and trading.
  59. Jack White Stock reports and trading.
  60. Schwab Stock reports and trading.
  61. The Street Stock reports, trading, and banking.
  62. Waterhouse Stock reports and trading.
  63. Wit Capital Stock reports and trading. Links to other tools.
    Investor's Reference and Market Reports
  64. AAII American Association of Individual Investors.
  65. AltaVista's money site.
  66. Bigcharts Interactive stock charts and other reports.
  67. Bloomberg
  68. Briefing Financial news site. "Live market analysis."
  69. CBS MarketWatch
  70. ClearStation portfolio and watch list tracking site, recommended.
  71. c|net Investor Technology market focus. (powered by Bloomberg)
  72. CNNfn CNN's financial news site.
  73. Currency Site Currency news, tables, rates, and a currency converter (calculator).
  74. EDGAR database The Securities Exchange Commission's public database on corporations.
  75. Financial Web links, and many tools, stock screener.
  76. Flextrader analysis tools.
  77. Heatmaps visual analysis tools with live data feeds.
  78. Hoover's Online Business news and data. Popular reference site for corporate information.
  79. Interactive Investor ZDNet's investment site (Ziff-Davis)
  80. Lycos (powered by
  81. MoneyCentral MSN's site. Import/export of your data from seven online brokers.
  82. Morningstar Portfolio management. Search tools for funds and stocks.
  83. Motley Fool Stock reports and money management advice.
  84. NAIC National Association of Investors Corporation.
  85. Ostman's Alert IPO database and news. Get in early.
  86. Quicken the money portal.
  87. Stock reports and streaming charts.
  88. Raging Bull Stock reports and gossip threads sorted by stock.
  89. Right to Know Network Free access to data on factories and their environmental effects, banks' investments in their communities, etc.
  90. Silicon Investor Financial discussion site. Part of GO2NET.
  91. Thomas Register The supercatalog of industrial services, supplies, and equipment.
  92. Yahoo Finance page.
  93. Zack's Stock reports.
    General Reference
  94. A general utility reference page, like this one but bigger and with commercials.
  95. Henry Madden Library, CSU Fresno Reference Sources. A bigger infotools selection built by librarians.
  96. iTools! - Full-Serve Internet Tools Your internet librarian.
  97. Internet Public Library Run by librarians. Just like a public library.
  98. Martindale's 'The Reference Desk: Calculators On-Line' 7500 specialised calculators of all kinds.
  99. World Factbook Public domain library of the CIA.
  100. The World Bank Group World economic reports.
  101. Information Please Combo reference search page.
  102. WebCrawler: Reference Reference page of one of the oldest major search engines.
  103. Liszt, the mailing list directory A graduate seminar in anything you want. Over 90,000 listservs.
  104. IT jargon - An encyclopedia of information technology.
  105. The Why Files Science education.
  106. Current Internet Hoaxes Urban Legends and Folklore De-bunking for that alarming email we get.
  107. History Channel If you're not news, you're ....
  108. Old Farmer's Almanac North America's oldest continuously published periodical. Since 1792.
  109. Time Service Department U.S. Naval Observatory Time.
  110. WhoIs service Find out who is the registered owner of that domain. ...and where is their DNS.
    Language Reference
  111. Hypertext Webster Gateway All words are hyperlinked. Searches multiple dictionaries on the web.
  112. Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary and thesaurus.
  113. Roget's Internet Thesaurus "of English words and phrases."
  114. Bartlett's quotations Who said what.
  115. Acronym lookup What does "IMHO" mean? Find definitions for those obscure acronyms.
  116. AltaVista: Translations Bidirectional - English and - German, French, Spanish, Italian, or Portuguese.
  117. Word2word Translators and dictionaries for 128 languages. Many translation resources and services. Developed from the older Rivendell International Communications site.
  118. MapQuest Where are we going? Give an address; get a map, and/or driving directions. Good maps.
  119. Mapblast another map generator - gives maps, driving directions, local weather, finds local businesses, downloadable version for Palm Pilots.
  120. Xerox PARC Map Viewer Point at the globe and zoom in. Cool interface of course (from the originator of the desktop), but detail gets sparse at closer views.
  121. PCL Map Collection A massive global collection of maps, large and small, plus nautical charts, aeronautical, and historical maps, from the Perry-Castaneda Library at the University of Texas. Card catalog style lookup, but better detail.
  122. Color Landform Atlas US Maps: shaded relief color maps, satellite false color images, historical maps, PostScript (printable) maps. US only.
    Weather and traffic conditions - real-time maps
  123. Intellicast Worldwide weather. Plus specialty forecasting for sailing, skiing, golf, ...
  124. The Weather Channel Their current weather database. Their maps are slow to load.
  125. San Francisco weather Local weather for SFBA; marine forecasts, animated radar maps, the works. Includes some Northern Calif and Southern Calif views.
  126. San Francisco Wind Map from Intellicast.
  127. Seattle Weather from Intellicast.
  128. Seattle Wind Map from Intellicast.
  129. Seattle Traffic Map What delays should I expect? Real time traffic map.
  130. Real Time Traffic Maps for San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta, and Chicago, so far.
    Travel, Events, Cuisine and Films
  131. Official Airline Guide The OAG airline schedules online.
  132. The Ultimates Trip planner, White & Yellow Pages, Email directory.
  133. newyork.sidewalk What's happening in NYC.
  134. What's Going On Eclectic calendar. Nationwide.
  135. A San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Calendar What are they doing now?
  136. Culinary Network Home of ChefNet
  137. The Internet Movie Database A database of more than 180,000 titles.
  138. Sundance Channel Festival 99: Film Guide
  139. Firefly (SFBA) Music and movies recommendation system. A cultural preference database with algorithms similar to Amazon, but focused on Movies, Music, Restaurants, Night Clubs, and Issues. Build your personal preferences database by rating the movie lists it presents; it tells you what you'd like to see that you haven't seen. Also chat stuff. Membership is free, but a little complicated.
  140. seattle.sidewalk What's happening on the street.
  141. Seattle Community Network The other side of the street.
  142. Seattle Weekly Calendar, reviews, news and opinion - free street paper.
  143. East Bay Express Calendar, reviews, news and opinion - free street paper - Berkeley/Oakland
  144. San Francisco Bay Guardian Calendar, reviews, news and opinion - free street paper.
    Directories, phone and postal - with street address, map, and email address. - "people finders".
  145. Switchboard Home Page Phone number directory, maps of addresses, and email lookups. The original.
  146. White and yellow pages for all area codes.
  147. People and business finder.
  148. BigBook Yellow Pages.
  149. Four11 Directory Services Phone number directory assistance from Yahoo!
  150. InfoUSA directory Assistance Phone number directory and maps of addresses.
  151. Lycos: Who Where People Finder Email address lookup. ...and more.
  152. WORLDPAGES Find Anything. Anyone. Anywhere.
  153. Area Code finder Give an area code, get a city; or vice versa.
  154. Country and City code finder for international calls. AT&T's list. Look up a country & city; get the codes.
  155. Zip Code Lookup and Address Information U.S. Postal Service
  156. Domain Name lookup through InterNIC. Give a domain name; get the DNS servers and registrar.
  157. Thomas Register The supercatalog of industrial services, supplies, and equipment.
  158. Craig's list (SFBA) Eclectic postings (free) of jobs, apartments, stuff for sale, etc. ...It's an SFBA online flea market, plus.
  159. The original on-line bookstore with an associative database that shows you what else the buyers of this book are reading. More fun than a thesaurus.
  160. Barnes and Noble online.
  161. Powell's Books Portland, Oregon. A large supply of out-of-print, as well as new, books.
  162. Fatbrain The bookstore for geeks. See their "ematter" site.
  163. Northern California Independent Booksellers Association
  164. Index of small book publishers and self-publishing authors.
  165. Internet Public Library Run by librarians. Just like a public library. (Remember them?)
  166. On-Line Books Carnegie, the father of public libraries, now brings them to the net. Full text of 8000+ books.
  167. Shakespeare's complete works at the Internet Public Library
    Web cameras etc. - many are trivial, but if you really want to see what the weather looks like somewhere...
  168. Anthony's list of Internet Accessible Machines The first (?) list of cameras on the world available on the web.
  169. Earth Cam Live views of hundreds of sites. Searchable index.
  170. Random Camera's list of live cameras. Search engine too.
  171. Other web cameras A couple more, including views of Berlin.
  172. Internet: Interesting Devices Yahoo's list of web-attached devices.
  173. Secure Eye Views of Seattle from its tallest building. Demo of an encoded data system to security cameras through the internet. Must use MSIE browser.
    Search Professionals (not free services)
  174. FIND/SVP "provides fully integrated business research, consulting and management advisory services in a broad range of industries and disciplines." Fee per search, or client retainer basis.
  175. Inquisit "...mission is to provide professionals with the actionable business information they need to be successful." Was called "Farcast".
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