Linux Notes for NET138 and NET140 at NSCC

Some of these notes were taken in DC's classes in 2000 by RH. The "NOTESxxx" are of variable completeness, but fairly accurate. The BASHMAN.* are structured ways to look at the man pages for BASH, by RH. They are my study notes for BASH. Treat them like an index. The SHELLVAR are an example of shell variables. CALDRWEB.MAP is a schematic of the directories used in the Caldera release of Linux 2.2 (which I use). They are for contrast with the Red Hat and Slackware web server structures used DC's Unix notes. FROGS is self explanatory. CATNOTES and UNIXOUTLINE are based on the 138 classes which I teach. CATNOTES was written by one of my students, Cat Nilan, from the Fall 2001 class.

  1. BASHMAN.HDR Shortest list of top level headings in the man pages for BASH.
  2. BASHMAN.TOC Deeper list of headings for same.
  3. BASHMAN.TPX Above doc with some intro on how to use it.
  4. First half of above NET140 notes, re: SHELL scripts. (Also useful for NET138 as a source of examples.)
  5. notes140.prl Second half of above NET140 notes, re: PERL scripts.
  6. SHELLVAR Shell variables declared in the system we use (in Y2K).
  7. CATNOTES Notes from 138 class taught at Central, Fall 2001. Written by Cat Nilan.
  8. UNIXOUTLINE The reading list for the my 138 class. Unit #s correspond to above catnotes.
  9. CALDRWEB.MAP Map of Caldera's web server dir structure.
  10. FROGS Frogs are said to be "pond space complete".
  11. Dale Scheetz: Linux Volume 1 (Linux Press) This book is a rework for Linux of the classic, hard-to-find, Mark Williams' Coherent book. DC has a high regard for the Coherent doc, but... This book is a disappointment. It is simply an abridgement, not an update. It is thus still aimed at System V, not Linux.
  12. Linux Web Sites Click and learn.
  13. C Language tutorials, history, etc.

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