Design Resources

Small Systems Design Resources provides consulting services in three general areas: technology, environment, and group process. The ten specific offerings here present multiple applications of the same set of design and process competencies. Collaborative design methods are a consistent thread in all services.

    Community and Organization

  1. Community Vision : Community dialogue facilitation using large group intervention methods.
  2. Organizational Design: Systems and organizational development using open systems methods.

    Environment and Architecture

  3. Environmental organization development: Initial infrastructure setup, collaborative redirection facilitation, funding, grant-writing, temporary direction.
  4. Pacific Coast Bioregional Design Group: Watershed community design facilitation. Geographic information system deployment, and data gathering.
  5. Resource for Intelligent Architecture: Design resources for architecture that performs. Passive solar. "Smart" buildings. Underground and bermed structures. Electronic design for architecture.

    Engineering and Enterprise

  6. Engineering and operations support for technology startups: Initial infrastructure setup, organizational development, product management, technical project management, temporary CEO.
  7. Manufacturing management : MRP, purchasing, fab, kitting, assembly, inspection, and test, for initial prototype and production runs.
  8. Mechanical and PCB design: Printed circuit board design and mechanical design to support the electronic engineer. Design project management.
  9. Technical documents: Technical writing, editing, document design and production. Includes thorough testing of documentation to insure usability for system users, programmers, and technicians.
  10. Technical research: Research services in support of financial investment decisions. Technology enterprise evaluations. Technology opportunity scouting.

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