SIMM form computing module concept 
by B.L.Taylor, RH PCB for GigaOps 1992

Technical Research Services for Investors

I offer research services to support investment decisions. My strengths are in the areas of science, technology, design methods, innovation management, and business management. I draw on an extensive and intelligent population of technology and business professionals to supplement my own perspective.

Science and technology

I have been reading scientific and technical journals since my youth. My knowledge is current, broad, and constantly developing. In science reading, I am watching physics, astrophysics, paleobiology, biology, ecology, some areas of mathematics, the social sciences, and our growing understanding of perceptual, sensory and motor systems in the human body.

In technology reading, I am watching advances in marine, aviation, and space systems design, photonics, communications and computing technology and businesses, electronic fabrication and assembly at the chip and board levels, imaging systems, machine vision, CAD/CAM systems, micromachining and nanotechnology, biotechology, alternative energy systems, and market trends.

In professional practice , I am familiar with information technology, digital systems design, image processing, electronic fabrication and assembly, interferometry, machining, mechanics, steel fabrication, architecture and building construction, and ecosystems management.

Innovation management and design methods

I have served as a participant and manager in several engineering teams in early stage enterprises developing computing hardware and software. I keep on top of the information technology business news. I have studied design methods used by architectural design teams and practiced them in digital systems design environments. I have studied the process of computer design and programming from both psychological and practical perspectives.

Business management

I participate in online discussions of organizational development. I am particularly aware of corporate cultures, and policies, and their effect on innovation and business performance. I am an experienced manager of people in both non-profit and for-profit enterprises. When evaluating the potential for success in new enterprises, my depth of experience with startups gives me a good sense of what to look for in the behavior of the participants and the structure of the organization.


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