These are GIF files of my PCB and mechanical design work. File size of the full-size image is given at the end of each description. Clicking on the design name will load the full image; use your "back" button to return to this document.
Array Tech: camera two.

These are some PCBs I designed for the second version of the scanner which uses an X/Y microstage of my design to microposition a 2D sensor array. With the exception of the GSP card, all circuits were designed and prototyped by Brad Taylor.

GSP - "Graphics Signal Processor" board using TI's GSP chip (~1985). This board was designed in a PCXT Motherboard form factor to use an off-the-shelf chassis and power supply. A daughterboard 386 CPU card plugs into the ISA bus, an d a DSP32 card with 5 DSPs and 5 banks of SRAM sits on Array's proprietary bus, using the DIN connectors in PC physical slots. I did the mechanical design of the PCB, and I did the components placement in collaboration with Ken Lenington at KL Designs, Fr emont CA. Routing was done at KL. Ronald Ross designed the circuit. 78KB
Photo of GSP 150KB. Photography by Sheryl Schindler at Donald Jones Photography, San Francisco, c 1994.

HDIG - digital control card inside the camera head. Included as well are 4 control buttons, 3 LEDS, and a DB15 connector which all mate to the back wall of the camera. This card receives digital cables from all cards inside the cam era, and it provides a power supply for the piezos. 59KB

HDAD3 - digital to analog (motion control) and analog to digital (video data) conversion are now inside the camera head. This version of the camera was known internally (to Array) as the "digital camera head"; it features much shor ter analog lines, tighter feedback loops, and better performance. 42KB

HDRV - piezo driving amps inside the camera head relieves the external cable of high voltage lines. Simple air capacitors are used for positioning feedback. This card mounts inside the front of the camera. The rectangular holes in the middle accomodate the microstage base and the optical window. 55KB

IMG - the card that moves. This card carries the image sensor array and the video amps. It mates with the "FABSADL" component of the microstage. 75KB

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