These are GIF files of my PCB and mechanical design work. File size of the full-size image is given at the end of each description. Clicking on the design name will load the full image; use your "back" button to return to this document.
Array Tech: camera two, the mechanical design.

I did the mechanical design for the second version of the camera head. It features an all digital interface to the host "GSP" board RIP, and my own design for the microstage and lens assembly.

CAMERA, whole - this image shows all views of the camera. 17KB

CAMERA, top - looking down at the top of the camera we can see the microstage assembly and the optical geometry.. 14KB

CAMERA, side - Left side view also shows microstage and light path.. 25KB

MICROSTAGE, whole - one of my favorite designs. This is the whole print for the microstage. This design is carefully integrated with the PCB designs inside the camera. 26KB

MICROSTAGE, partial view - a closer view of the some of the microstage elements. 17KB

HIMGFAB - shows the coordination of the IMG card PCB and the microstage and the optical path. 43KB

FABSADL - the "saddle" in which the image chip rides. This is the last (X&Y motion) piece of the microstage which mates directly with the sensor array chip and its supporting "IMG" card. 23KB

FABSADL - several views and cross sections of the part. 23KB

FABBASE - the base of the microstage is pinned directly through the front of the camera into the lens barrel mount (see below). 19KB

FABRLMNT - the forward-most piece of the microstage assembly, the lens barrel mount, receives a Nikon 55 Micro lens. 31KB

FABDIG - shows the mating of the "HDIG" card (see a2) with the camera back. 33KB

FABBACK - mechanical drawing for the camera back. 14KB

Raster Image Processor - photo of PCB. 150KB
Array Scanner brochure, (page 1 with color test chart).
AS1 application environment (page 2).
AS1 configurations as tripod camera, slide scanner, and on copy stand (page 3).
AS1 specifications (page 4).

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