These are GIF files of my PCB and mechanical design work. File size of the full-size image is given at the end of each description. Clicking on the design name will load the full image; use your "back" button to return to this document.
Gigaoperations: The G200 board, DSP/FPGA hybrid computing.

This design supports 4 ADSP2101s, 4 XC30xx PGAs, and associated memory. It is the precursor to the current all-FPGA-computing focus. DSPs and FPGAs are socketed. GigaOps wrote a debugger for the Analog Devices 2101s (which they said couldn't be done). Schematic by Brad Taylor, debugger by Dave Stabile.

G200 - a view of the DSP section of the G200. (partial) 60KB

GLOBE brackets - mechanical drawing in PADS PCB is particularly useful when the parts must mate with a PCB. These are 3 brackets from Globe Mfg, NJ., which can be substituted on the same PCB fab. 11KB

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