These are GIF files of my PCB and mechanical design work. File size of the full-size image is given at the end of each description. Clicking on the design name will load the full image; use your "back" button to return to this document.
Gigaoperations, phase two: The G800 board with DSP/FPGA hybrid computing modules.

This design initiates the current modular approach at Gigaoperations. Each module supports four ADSP2101s, 8MB of DRAM, bus switches, and two XC4005 PGAs. Originally dubbed the "rtDSPMOD", this is now known as the "X205".

rtDSPMOD - the "rt" is for Real Time video computing. Some signals from the four signal layers were allowed to spill into a cutout in the power plane (grey in center left). The card is 2.4" x 3.65" in size. This remains GigaOps' standard module size. 200 pins of reconfigurable high speed bus pass through the card. 78KB

DSPMOD detail - This is the densest design I have done to date. It is six layers total, including power and ground planes. This partial view shows one of the denser areas of the card, including most of the four DSPs, in blue on the back, and most of one of the FPGAs, in brown on top. Traces in aqua are in the power plane cutout. 93KB

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