Published documents

  1. 5stages of competitive response to the Nautilus exercise machine compared to 5 stages of market development.
  2. baosrvy An old Bay Area Open Space survey.
  3. Beyond the 2% Solution, an essay on energy by Paul Hawken.
  4. Report of a Future Search by CISA "Sustainable Food and Farming in the Connecticut River Valley, A Vision."
  5. clascode A class code system for electronic engineering and manufacturing.
  6. convivia a quote from Ivan Illich.
  7. Dante envisions the internet - it's a renaissance idea.
  8. cyberdesiderata.
  9. Design Research Society news.
  10. Design Methods by John Chris Jones, an introduction.
  11. empty.html a template web page.
  12. Forests are a Community, not a cash crop.
  13. Dave Raggett's HTML Intro Getting started with html.
  14. htmguide old guide to html.
  15. htmquick ditto.
  16. htmspecs old html specs.
  17. infotool Our collection of web info tools.
  18. iris/ closeups of irises at NSCC (as JPEGs).
  19. linuxnotes/ notes for Linux students at NSCC.
  20. mall A development proposal for the Northgate Mall. A gift to Simon Properties from RH and the Thorton Creek Alliance.
  21. Mattole Watershed Salmon Support Group.
  22. North Coast BioDiversity.
  23. Part Number Document for electronic engineering.
  24. Pulling Designs into an Enterprise Database - a MySQL database for electronic engineering. Paper presented to Mentor Graphics User to User Conference, March 2007, San Jose, CA
  25. quake228 Our view of the 2/28/01 quake in Puget Sound.
  26. reading list Periodicals we read here.
  27. school Comenius' view of schools.
  28. shortsub More infotools.
  29. ssdesign SmSys design interface specs.
  30. totmsamn RH's review of Totem Salmon, by Freeman House.
  31. tsdwork Transformational Social Dialogue notes from the nineties.
  32. vidchips Research on video cards for PCs running Linux, OS/2, and NT4.
  33. What's Next? An open letter to Obama, December 2008, on what to do for America.

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